There is an incessant vein of racism, discrimination, and quite frankly, hatred that runs deep throughout this country and it’s law enforcement officials. This doesn’t apply to every single police officer but every officer has chosen to be a part of that same, systematically racist organization and thus is complicit with the behaviors, actions, and aggression of all the others. The world has watched countless innocent African-American’s and other POC lose the battle with the criminal justice system — and lose their lives — all because particular law enforcement officials chose to judge only by the color of someone’s skin and no real evidence. You simply cannot sit back and ignore this fact any longer, and it is only when we all stand together that true change has the chance to bloom. No matter what you see in the mirror, we all reflect the human race.

I could have just tweeted a hashtag or re-posted someone else’s photo onto my social media channels, but I wanted to use the skills, tools, and privilege at my disposal to help spread the message, energy, and passion of the Black Lives Matter movement by joining protesters on the front lines. With my photography, my goal is not to get likes or retweets or recognition, but to help show the world what is happening to those brave & courageous enough to stand up for what’s right. It’s a damn shame that so many people in this country (and around the world) still remain divided over this issue. Racism isn’t an opinion.

If you’re not standing with this movement you are remaining seated, and therefore are complicit with the countless injustices permeating the lives of POC. You can donate to various organizations, participate in protests, yourself, or simply work to change the mind of one person in your life. You can even donate without spending a penny by streaming this video project, with 100% of the proceeds from the ad revenue going directly to various activist groups. The Innocence Project is also necessary place to start. It’s also up to each and every non-POC to educate themselves on this movement through various books, podcasts, or TV shows and movies. But above all else, as Jon Stewart famously said in his final taping of The Daily Show, if you smell bullshit, say something.

Either you use your voice, body, resources, and privilege to help end racism in America, or you don’t. There’s no gray area. It’s black & white.

POC Mental Health Resources:

Black Lives Matter Toolkits:

Black Lives Matter Petitions:

Mount Rushmore Protests:

Black Owned Businesses Directory:

Indigenous Owned Businesses:

Mapping Systematic Inequality On Stolen Land:

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