Google Just Unveiled the Future of Streaming.

Searching for its chance to break into the highly lucrative world of game streaming, Google may have changed the way we consume digital content once again. As the GDC, or Game Developer's Conference, comes to a close this week, Google stole the spotlight with the announcement of its highly anticipated, somewhat secretive gaming platform Stadia. [...]

Best Cheap Snowpocalypse Wines

What's a better way to warm up when you're surrounded by a foot snow? In my three years of legal drinking I have come to realize three steadfast principles of alcohol: Beer makes me bloated.Liquor keeps me up throughout the night.Wine is just fine. Due to my Italian-French heritage I thought it would be best [...]

The Art of Asking ‘Why’

Last year, as a dutiful Barnes & Noble bookseller, I had the task of displaying copies of Leonardo da Vinci, the highly anticipated biography from acclaimed author Walter Isaacson, the night before it went on sale. Is there a better feeling than unboxing a case of freshly printed books? But beyond that night holding the book in my [...]

Kanye West’s Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Reality

While writing for The Odyssey a few years ago I penned an article titled “In Defense of Kanye West.” My fair share of parental figures and other ‘adults’ were quick to question my own sanity, let alone that of Mr. West.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t have Wi-Fi for these last [...]