The Night I Snuck Into the Notre Dame de la Garde, Part 3

The streets of Marseille are as quiet as any after midnight. The air was thin and cool. The streets that led to the cathedral were lined with Renault cars and Vespa scooters and a surprising amount of Harley Davidson motorcycles, all crammed onto the sidewalks or wherever their owners could park them. Anouk led the way [...]

The Night I Snuck Into the Notre Dame de la Garde, Part 2

The Vertigo was surprisingly empty that early at night. Save for the front desk attendant we seemed to be the only ones there. The WiFi wasn’t reliable in our room and Harman needed to get some paperwork filled out online, so we relegated ourselves to the common area next to the kitchen. Nobody was cooking [...]

The Night I Snuck Into the Notre Dame de la Garde, Part 1.

Getting off the bus outside the station in Marseille left us a bit dazed and confused. It was hot - much hotter than we had expected after sitting in the conditioned air of the bus for the previous eight hours, and even more so with 20-40 pounds of clothing hanging from our backs. Harman and [...]

Three Weeks in Europe.

For the last few months I have divided my time between Florida, Seattle, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and The Netherlands. The urge to travel is something that I have felt woven into my soul for years, but unfortunately something that I haven't had much of a chance to do until recently. But as [...]

‘Joker’ Could Save the DC Universe

Finally. After months of teasing set-photos and a few leaked clips from production, DC has released a full trailer for the upcoming film, Joker.  The movie follows Arthur Fleck, a failed standup comedian living in the comic book world's toughest town, Gotham City. We now know a bit more about his backstory, including his sense [...]

The Future is Entirely Human

On Monday, March 25th 2019, Apple held their annual service announcement. This year everybody's favorite fruit unveiled a handful of new offerings, including a premium news subscription called Apple News+, a new game subscription dubbed Apple Arcade, and even - wait for it - a credit card. Yes, you read that correctly. The classic stereotype [...]