iSwitched! From iPhone to Android with the Pixel 4a

Two weeks later with what Google is touting as everything you need, for less It was an emotional moment for me a few weeks ago. My Pixel 4a arrived in the mail. I powered it on, swapped out my SIM card, and began setting up my first Android phone in about five years. I then *gulp* turned off iMessage [...]

The iPhone 12 Pro Won’t Magically Make You a ‘Pro’ Photographer

Cover image is a screenshot from Peter McKinnon's latest video. Check it out! iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro first impressions videos are finally live on YouTube, with some of the best coming from MKBHD and Peter McKinnon. While there are lots of things to talk about, especially as Apple has basically headlined all of Techtober, one of [...]

Hiking to Heaven, Pt. 1

When we first arrived in La Spezia, admittedly, we struggled a bit more than usual as we spent a solid twenty minutes searching for the hostel, walking around in circles. We ended up bothering a sweet, elderly Italian woman for directions while unsuccessfully trying to locate ourselves via Google Maps. She didn't speak English but [...]