My name is Dan Rosen – but you probably already knew that.

After completing my degree in Media Communications at Youngstown State University in Ohio, and after devoting five years of my life to teaching high school students the art of public speaking and effective written communication techniques, and after spending a few years as a staff writer & editor, head cashier & bookseller, and barista, I decided to leave everything I ever knew behind and stuff my life into a single backpack to travel wherever the road takes me. At the moment, the road has dropped me off in Seattle, WA working remotely as a Client Success Manager for Qnary Reputation Management.

With a lifelong passion for film, music, photography, and writing, I’m working towards a career in content creation, media production and travel communications with the goal of not only progressing down my own path of self-discovery with every new destination, but to help others along the way figure out who it was that they were always meant to be, as well.

I am a believer in the power of public speaking, hearing new voices, and gaining new perspectives. So stick around and read what I have to say! I’d appreciate it. I am always open to new projects, ideas, collaborations, and destinations, so feel free to reach out to me at any time. I hope to see you all out there on the road with me. Homepage photo by designer Molly Hawks.

Countries Visited So Far: 

Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Throughout my time on the road, I have learned a lot about myself and about life abroad; Specifically, no matter where you are in the world, no matter the language or culture, life has the amazing propensity to continue happening all around us – one day at a time. I have gained a better understanding of who I am on a soulful level, what exactly it is I need to survive (as opposed to what I want,) and where it is I plan to go in my future.

Field Experience

Client Success Manager, 2019- Present

Qnary Social Media Management, New York, NY

A Fortune 5000 Fastest-Growing Company, I work cross-functionally with teams of writers & strategists to build optimized social media content for our clients on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter on a weekly basis, covering a wide variety of topics across multiple industries. My specialties include travel, advertising, marketing, technology trends, brand storytelling, CX, advertising, and more.

Media and Marketing Manager, Summer 2019

ColoRADo Adventure Hostel, Colorado Springs, Colorado

At an up-and-coming adventure hostel in the heart of Colorado Springs, I was hired to develop an all-encompassing media plan to better communicate their mission to employees and guests. This included event planning, an over-hall and unification of their social media presence, the creation of promotional material, and community outreach to establish relationships with local artists and businesses. You can see some of my work under my ‘Consulting & Design’ page.

Trade Worker, Spring 2019

The Green Tortoise Hostel, Seattle, Washington

At The Green Tortoise, I participated in all aspects of hostel life, including housekeeping, leading hostel events like bar crawls, community dinners, and Game of Thrones watch parties, as well as making sure every traveler passing through truly felt at home on the road.

Speech & Writing Coach, 2014-2019

Columbiana High School, Columbiana, Ohio

For five years I helped high school students write, edit, and perform persuasive and informative speeches in weekly tournaments. I helped these students find their own voice, but continued to explore my own in this leadership position. I learned that we may not always get what we want – but we will always get what we need in the end.

Staff Writer and Content Creator, 2016-2017

The Odyssey Online

Here I wrote and edited weekly articles for my university’s branch of The Odyssey Online. I contributed pieces covering a wide variety of topics, from current events to personal ramblings to art and pop culture discussions. I also assisted in the editing of fellow staff writers’ weekly pieces for the branch.


Youngstown State University

2013-2017 Bachelor of Media Communications, Minor in English studies

3.9 GPA, Magna Cum Laude honors

 Bonus Features

Self-taught photographer. Extensive experience with Microsoft Office, the Google Cloud Suite, and most other productivity software. Actively learning and improving my knowledge of the Adobe Suite, including Lightroom, Photoshop, and XD. I’m also a lifelong nerd who knows his was around iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS equally.

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